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‘You are a birth servant. Do good without show or fuss. If you must take the lead, lead so that the mother is helped, yet still free and in charge. When the baby is born, they will rightly say: ‘We did it ourselves!’  - from the Tao Te Ching




I might be making a big assumption here but seeing as you have visited a Doula website I am gonna take a stab and say Congratulations!!

Pregnancy and birth is a normal physiological event in your life just like eating is. Using the hospital/midwifery service is like choosing how to eat. What is this woman talking about I hear you ask.

You can choose if you go to a restaurant or to eat at home; you go in and you choose from the menu what you want to have; and you choose how much to eat etc; and you choose when to leave – the restaurant have no business to force you to go there; to force you to eat or to force upon you what you choose to eat; or force you to stay. The same goes for the hospital.

The services offered at the hospital are similar to a menu – they can offer what they recommend but it is ultimately up to you whether you have that or something else or nothing at all!! The menu contains everything from whether you have an appointment with a midwife or a consultant, whether you have a blood test or a scan, whether you have any drugs, whether you use a pool or a bed or both or neither, whether you are induced or not etc etc. you can pick and choose off that menu or decide to have nothing at all – It is Your Body, Your Pregnancy, Your Birth, Your Baby, Your Choice! – And I will support you whatever the choices are that you make!

The next big assumption is that you are thinking you want to make your birth and parenting experience as awesome as it can be!

Lotus Doula provides support and care to women and their families in Essex, Suffolk and Cambridge during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

Lotus Doula can provide 

- these services are provided individually so you can do a pick and mix!

So what ever your thoughts on birth, whatever you needs, how ever you view things, if you are a scientific, research and hard evidenced based person or a trust your instinct type person or a combination of both or neither call me – the most important thing is do we get on, do we click, do we trust each other – we will only know that by having a conversation so give me a call.

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When it comes to pregnancy, birth and parenthood we can all do with a bit of a helping hand from time to time, whether that is emotionally or practically. I offer a range of services that you can pick and mix with to help you and your family at this time.

Feel free to have look around this website – I hope you enjoy it – don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want any more information or if you have any questions – I am happy to negotiate things to suit you.

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